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The providers of the services offered through this site hereby issue the following official warning:

1. The services offered through this site are intended for legitimate legal use only (especially by attorneys and licensed private investigators).

2. Any offers of services available through this site are void where prohibited by law.

3. Any party intending to make use of the services offered through this site is hereby requested to familiarize themselves with these Terms & Conditions prior to the use of the services. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available on this site for further information. Any additional questions should be directed to Placing an order for one or more services offered through this site expresses explicit consent of the client with these Terms & Conditions and additional provisions listed under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this site. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change from time to time.

4. The providers of the services offered through this site will make every effort to assure the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. Nevertheless, it is understood that the providers cannot and will not assume any liability for inaccuracies or incompleteness of the information provided, or for any consequences, direct or otherwise, of any use of such information by the client. Where services cannot be provided, clients will receive full refund.

5. It should be noted that both positive and negative results of searches are considered valid results, and no refunds will be issued. (An example of a positive result is the name and address to which the researched cellular number is billed. An example of a negative result is the finding that no phone lines are connected to the researched address. Both kinds of results substantiate full payment for the search.)

6. The providers of the services offered through this site strongly discourage ordering services and/or using the information obtained through this site for any purpose and/or in any way that might constitute harassment or violation of personal privacy. An example of such discouraged action is repeated ordering of services yielding information pertaining to one person or one address. Such discouraged orders may be refused.

7. Results of searches are normally available within 3 (three) business days of the day on which both the order and payment were received. Online orders meeting all ordering requirements and accompanied by approved credit card payments can be assumed to be received instantly. Any other forms of orders (by email, fax, or regular mail) and any other forms of payments (check, international money order, U.S. cash) may take longer to arrive and may not be processed immediately. It should be noted that the providers of the services offered through this site have no control over the time such orders or payments may take to arrive. Time in transport does not count toward processing time.

It is not guaranteed and should not be assumed that every one search will be completed within the time frame of three days. Some searches may take up to seven business days. In case we are unable to provide search results within 7 (seven) business days of the day on which both the order and payment were received, a full refund may be requested by the client. Payments not made by credit card will be returned by check.

8. Once the client has submitted his/her credit card information through the Internet Billing Company's secure server and the order has been accepted, any requests for cancellation will be subject to the full fee for the service ordered.

9. Where the client's contact information is received incorrect or incomplete, services may be undeliverable. No refund will be issued for such undeliverable services. Clients are responsible for claiming any service at if not delivered within 14 (fourteen) days of the date of order and payment. Services unclaimed within 40 (forty) days of the date of original request will lapse.

10. Any and all liabilities related to the use of the information obtained through this site remains with the ordering party. When in doubt, clients are encouraged to seek the opinion of an attorney or professional consultant prior to placing an order.

11. Any dispute or appeal must be made in writing and delivered within 40 (forty) days of the original order and payment. By not making a dispute or appeal within the said time period, the client irrevocably waives his/her rights or entitlements related to the service, including but not limited to, any refunds. No dispute or appeal will be considered the said time period.

12. Questions and concerns regarding credit card payments and any other inquiries should be directed to

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